Scallop season is upon us. Hundreds & hundreds of boaters flock to the Gulf in search of these tasty treats. Plenty of the tasty morsels out there, some areas better than others. If you are coming with your own boat, remember the rules of water ways and always watch for the divers. If you don’t have a boat and would like to have a try at our famous underwater egg (scallop) hunt, call us to book a trip. Whether you have done this before or you are a 1st timer, we will be happy to teach you how. We also provide the diving equipment neccasary for the day (mask, snorkel,fins) , required fishing license and ice, is all provided. The fishing is just as hot. We have a great combo deal for 1/2 day of scalloping, and 1/2 day of fishing for those who want to do it all. Call and set your unforgettable day with us.